Project Description

Light of the Bhagavatam

Proclaimed as the essence of all Vedic literature, the Bhagavatam is a carrier of universal wisdom that deals with life’s fundamental questions of happiness, mortality and ultimate reality. Experience the energy and movement as the stage comes alive with the Bhagavatam’s message depicted through contemporary physical theatre.

 The great Emperor Pariksit is faced with a lethal curse that declares that he will die in seven days. Enveloping the audience into the urgency of a person who has the world at his fingertips but only seven days left to live, the production takes the audience along on this enlightening journey as they witness the epic dialogue between Pariksit and the great sage Shukadeva. This minimalist style, where the actors use their bodies as props, encourages both performers and audience to experience a deeper immersion into the depths of the Bhagavatam.