Project Description


The Gita is the book that comes to life on stage. Arguably the most well-known and central Sanskrit classic known to Indian culture, the Bhagavad Gita was spoken 5000 years ago by Lord Krishna to his friend Arjuna. Arjuna, faced with the decision to fight in a war against so many of his relatives and teachers, becomes saddened and confused. He turns to his friend Krishna for guidance and Krishna reveals to him eternal knowledge of the self and the true purpose of life. The Gita is a unique production as it uses a more modern minimalistic theatrical approach. With minimal props and accessories, it relies more on the mood and expressiveness of the actors. The Gita play very graphically depicts the themes and message of the Book. ‘Gita’ has received much acclaim throughout the world, being performed in Europe, Brazil, Australia and even India. This physical theatre production penetrates deeply into the mysteries of existence, punctuated with intrigue, excitement, and humor.

Experience a masterful, minimalist style of physical theater, where the actors themselves are both characters and props.