Ambassadors of Diversity

With resonating hearts, artists are drawn from all over the world to volunteer their time, abilities and passions to Viva Kultura, who’s artistic department now hosts a team from over twenty different countries.

Each artist displays his/her multicultural identity through an array of art forms such as ballet, classical Indian dance, hip-hop, martial arts, jazz, folk music, and poetry.

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30 Years of Progress

Over the last three decades our shows have evolved. Each nourished by the individuals that gave it life and fueled by those that carry it into the next era. As the years go on and volenteers come and go, each brings their notes to the table and so our plays mature from hand to hand. Morphing and growing they dance to the tunes of change.


Tours & Events

We are currently in the process of ironing out some contracts and logistic details for our upcoming tours, and cannot provide any definitive tour dates at this time.

However, as soon as we can, we will. Thank you for your interest.

We look forward to bringing you some good news soon.


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