June 26 - August 24

Ukrainian Tour
May. 25 - June. 15
Ukraine 🇺🇦
Premier Tour

For years now we have been invited time and time again to take our troops and equipment to tour the gorgeous cities of Ukrain. However, only this year will we be able to fulfill this dream of performing for the Ukrainian people in their native Ukrainin language, which will present a fun challenge for our performing artists. The tour will be a composition of both indoor and outdoor festivals

Jun. 26 - Aug. 24
Poland 🇵🇱
Since 1989

Every summer, a wave of colorful festivities rolls onto the sandy beaches of the Baltic coast. We organize about 50 outdoor family-festival events each year, visiting towns along the coastline. With hundreds of volunteers and artists from all across the globe, we create a vibrant and colorful festival presenting various aspects of the culture of ancient India.

Sep. 1 - Oct. 5
USA 🇺🇸
Since 2017

Ever since we first arrived on the shores of the United States, we fell in love with the American audiences. Our last two tours took us up and down the East-coast, performing exclusively indoor events. From Universities to Collages to Theater festivals the United States has welcomed us with open arms once again in September & October of 2020, looking forward to “Inspire & Entertain”.

Latest Creation
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Song of Grace

The Journey of Truth

Written & Directed
by Srinam Vanamali and Premananda Kirtan 

Design & Co-Direction

by Laghu Hari Das

The play explores the connection between a spirited young lady named Maya and her ‘Nana’. Learning to deal with the challenges she is faced with, all along holding dear the truths taught to her by her ‘Nana’, Maya finally finds her way.

Though the play has flares of musical theatre and interpretive dance, the journey always comes back to the riveting dialogue between Nana and her beloved Maya, tying flavors of expression together in a neat progression of expansive thought.


"This annual festival is a creative and colorful presentation of the best Indian dance and cultural traditions. I appreciate the passionate efforts of the Viva Kulura Foundation in bringing these wonderful performances to Poland."
Ajay Bisaria
Indian Ambasador
"I saw Viva Kultura in Trenton this year. The only theater experience in my life that compares was last year's performance at MIT. As riveting as a performance by Cirque du Soleil, but it touches the heart at a much deeper level with word, movement, and music radiating true love.
Charles Sullivan
Boston, MA
"Complete attention to details and graceful depictions of very involved storylines. This is not a "Broadway" production, in fact, nothing in comparison, the dedication of the actors &, actresses brings refreshing entertainment to new heights. SEE IT!"
Chas D Lind
Houston, TX