Ambassadors of Diversity

With resonating hearts, artists are drawn from all over the world to volunteer their time, abilities and passions to Viva Kultura, who’s artistic department now hosts a team from over twenty different countries.

Each artist displays his/her multicultural identity through an array of art forms such as ballet, classical Indian dance, hip-hop, martial arts, jazz, folk music, and poetry.

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A Bit About Us

Viva Kultura is a Polish based non-profit organization with the aim of promoting various forms of traditional arts and culture. Viva Kultura means ‘long live culture’ and with artists from 15 different countries, it is a fine ambassador for unity in diversity. Viva Kultura has been performing in Poland for the past 30 years for audiences of up to 500,000, and has also toured Australia, South Africa, Brazil, India, Moldova, Mongolia and United States.

Agnieszka Dawidowska

President of Viva Kultura Foundation

Mrs. Dawidowska founded the Foundation in 2000, and since has been extremely successful in sharing India’s amazing culture and arts all over the world. Supported wherever she goes, Viva Kultura has been developing steadily, in her capable hands, growing and extending its reach to distant lands and deeper into the hearts of its intended audiences.

Meet our artists

40 artists from around the globe, united in their passion to share the love of India’s Culture all over the world.

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Ethan Smith

The tone of Ethan Smith’s saxophone represents the eloquent sound of true Afro Jazz. Currently based in Poland, but born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, Smith has become a great ambassador for the world music scene. Versatile and fluent in multiple wind instruments he always memorizes his audiences with his soulful sounds. Smith has been involved with Viva kultura since 2012 and has gradually become an integral part of their music productions. He is formerly trained at the university of Cape Town in Jazz performance but has spent many years travelling to India where he has assimilated the traditional sounds and rhythms of the native music. Whether it be through his saxophone or flutes or simply his exotic appearance his contribution to the Festival of India is priceless and no musical act is complete without him.

Rasarani Harrison

Born in the UK, but brought up in cosmopolitan West Bengal, India, Rasarani Harrison has a flare for theatre. She has spent most of her life touring with the Festival of India. She has completed 15 annual tours and is involved with many different productions such as the puppet shows, contemporary theatre to Indian folkdance. Rasarani draws on the vibrancy of her childhood surroundings and continues to allure the audience into the mesmerizing world of Festival of India.

Mariia Ragozina

At 23 Mariia Ragozina already has a decade of professional dancing and traveling experience behind her. Between 1998 and 2008 she toured with ‘Improvisation’, a group specializing in Jazz-modern and contemporary dancing performing both at regional and national level in Russia. She has received training at various studios in India like the Delhi Dance Academy, NSDA in Mumbai as well as Kannon Dance in St Petersburg. She has been with the Festival of India for the past five years where she has immersed herself in the theatrical productions including contemporary yoga demonstrations. Ragozina’s versatility as a performer makes her one of the most valuable members of the Festival of India cast. Her dedication and iridescent spirit on stage leaves audiences inspired and intrigued.

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